Meet The McCann Professional Dog Trainers Founders [Complete Guide] (2024)

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Meet The McCann Professional Dog Trainers Founders [Complete Guide] (1)I went to high school and dundas Debbie went to high school in the ancaster Ontario her basketball team came to my gymnasium to play against our girls team and Deb sort of stood out from the rest of the girls and I was in a group of guys that came to check her out yeah we did a lot of rollerskating they don’t do that anymore I don’t think but we did a lot of rollerskating of course Oh God, and we had no idea what we were doing. We were very good dog trainers who had been training dogs for 10 or so years and had done very well at it, and we were teaching classes with a local club and we just decided that we wanted to do it a little bit differently, be a little bit more modern in our methods, and so we got started, and that first year I had a little baby, and one thing I’ll never forget was Marty’s mother who is still alive. Marty got me this dog because I was going to college living in an apartment and he bought it he got it for me to be a companion and and you know just to have the dog in the house and and then we were recommended by his stepmother that we should obedience train this dog and we started going to a local obedience school and I was training the dog was my dog and I had pretty good success but every every time as we drove home we would be arguing about what I did right and what I did wrong he desperately wanted to train this dog so I eventually gave up and let him train the dog and he finished the course did really well and I said that’s it’s my dog I’m training get your own dog so he did go out and get his own dog and so then we went through all the levels with our two Airedale Terriers and good competing traveling yeah and so I think there was one year when we were in our mid-20s where I think 40 weekends out of the year we’re at some sort of dog event we are pretty crazy about about the dogs and the dog training specifically and you know the biggest thing i think impacted our life was the fact that Marty had open-heart surgery at 28 and then again eight years later without that impetus yep motivated us we probably wouldn’t have done this because I’m more of a conservative person I probably would never have given up my job to do this but Marty had sort of a different look on life I didn’t think I was to live and and so he wanted to be a dog trainer so he quit I stayed working for a few more years 1982 we started the business 88 I was pregnant with my second child I took my leave of absence leave and took an extended leave of absence during that year in 1988 we realized I could never go back to work I think we got accepted to write a book on flyball for sure and so you took a year sabbatical to do that and we never did write the book and we realized that with my help in the administrative end of the business it took off and you know we had many dogs as our children grew up we had ten dogs in the house at any one time so we were a very dog happy family and everybody was involved in the training and the discussions around the kitchen table and it’s really a wonder all three didn’t end up in the dog business i i’m not sure but we’re glad one did I think I remember visit ok so the I remember very fondly is in 1988 when you were busy raising our newborn lexi you let me take over bengals training and i took over the training and then a game we went to a trial and devin says i I’m going in the ring with them she waited you got a perfect to our score this comment is to give himself credit for crate training my god you have we’re teaching the dogs basic skills to stay to walk on a leash without pulling to come and call but there’s something beyond that because when you’re teaching a dog to do those things you’re also teaching the dog about who’s in charge in a very non-confrontational way you’re teaching the dog that there are rules to life that you know that’s going to help those families in everyday life you know it’s not just about being able to do a sit stay it’s just it’s about listening it’s about allowing your nails to be clipped or your hair to be brushed or the birds to be taken out it’s about leadership it’s about teaching the dog that they have to listen and and we use those skills of sit stay down stay coming when called walking to give to give the pet owners empower them with the skills that they need we are really people trainers we are training people to train their dogs and once we train people really they can be trained for the rest of their life they should be able to or we hope they’re able to have skills to manage their dog for the next 10-15 years so that if the dog does make an error they know what to do they know how to fix it really that’s what i want i want to give these people skills to manage their dogs so that they enjoy their dog the way I enjoy my dog certainly there teach your dog to sit down stay calm all the bases walk on the leash but ultimately in the simplest form you’re teaching the dog to listen or teaching the owner to be the leader can dogs in the future I think is going to continue on with obedience classes we’ve worked hard over the last 30 years to develop programs and plus you’re and you know a reputation for people that they know they can come here and and learn about how to train a dog but i think you know in this new age this new age of technology we have to expand our borders so you know we’re hoping this year to branch out into an online training program so that people who aren’t close enough to drive to classes to you know to attend classes with us that they can you know get the same information through I think some really terrific article training program between all breeds paying family beds shall we do should i do click right there yeah we do.

FAQ – 💬

❓ Why choose McCanns for your dog training?

Over the years, we have added some of the best and brightest dog trainers to our team at McCanns. Our instructors, whether they’re full or part-time, are here to help you teach your dog to have good manners and skills.

❓ Who is Kayl McCann?

Winner of 40 competition medals for Canada, including 20 gold, Kayl's record speaks for itself. Due to her unmatched success in the agility world and immeasurable strength in motivating, reading and training dogs, it's only natural that people seek to learn from Kayl McCann. Watch Kayl speak at TedX McMasterU and meet some of her World Champions!

❓ What is it like to train a dog with our trainers?

One of the greatest things about our team’s trainers is they all started as students in our programs, so they know what it’s like to learn about training dogs from the student’s perspective. Their skills are broad and deep, reaching well beyond the scope of general obedience.

Meet The McCann Professional Dog Trainers Founders [Complete Guide] (2)


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Meet The McCann Professional Dog Trainers Founders [Complete Guide] (2024)


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